Sphere One


Stones, Moss and Maps

We had an amazing time Paris Fashion Week showing Sphere One's 'Wicklow' collection when we took over a beautiful little ground floor retail space on Rue du Pont aux Choux close to the Merci store in Le Marais.

As the collection took inspiration from places of significance to designer and founder Lucy Downes in Co. Wicklow, where Sphere One was founded, we went to Ordnance Survey Ireland, who dug out some beautiful old maps for us, and very kindly donated a number for our Paris trip. We brought stones (in our pockets!) all the way from Co. Wicklow, and sourced moss and ferns which we spritzed very early in the morning to recreate the dewy mornings of Co. Wicklow landscapes, and to keep them fresh throughout the day.

With the help of the gorgeous Paris based Irish photographer Fionn O'Toole, we created our own little Wicklow enclave in old Paris, wallpapering the walls of the space with the Ordance Survey maps, and creating an evocative window display to showcase the collection and to entice passing buyers.

We welcomed many new and return buyers including Eclectic in Zurich, Sab's in Geneva, Fells in Melbourne and Laisser Faire in Japan, as well as our treasured Irish buyers, and traipsed home with our stones and maps, exhausted, spent, but very pleased with one of our favourite trips from the last 15 years we have shown in Paris.