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Tiny pale branches of bleached coral and luscious seaweed underfoot on Connemara's 'Coral Strand' in the west of Ireland gave inspiration to Sphere One for Autumn Winter 2022. From the best cashmere mills in Europe we sourced the rich olive greens and burgundies of seaweed, with lustrous cognacs, russets, and oranges as bright as a furnace. Dusty pinks and chic terracotta are showcased in new plant dyed organic cashmere, dyed with the root of the Madder. The collection also features entirely undyed cashmere wool blends and the sea breeze is evoked by fluttering silk chiffon details. The palette of a fast darkening winter evening gave rise to dusty blues named Bluster, Cosmos, Dark Night and Depth while chic winter neutrals are inspired by the bleached coral on the shore.