Sphere One


Sphere One is modern, conceptual knitwear design from Ireland, under the creative direction of Lucy Downes. A Sphere One piece of knitwear supports the ideal of design integrity and quality shaped by place, sensitivity, mastery of construction and explorations of colour. The individually hand framed pieces, using the world’s finest cashmere, envelop the wearer in a sublime feeling of tactile softness and featherweight warmth.

The Sphere One circle is central to the identity of the brand, from the purity of the shape, to the spheres we live in and the cocooning nature of what we wear. Instead of a label, the circle is hand-stitched at the back-neck of each garment using a different coloured yarn each season. Unobtrusive to the wearer, the softness of the garment is kept intact against the skin. This suble logo characterises the craftsmanship of the collection, where each piece is woven on a hand loom or knitted on a hand frame.

From the outset, a commitment to working with the best natural yarns has been at the core of Sphere One’s philosophy. The finest mills in Scotland and Italy – mills with reputations built on years of acquired skill and craftsmanship – comb, dye, twist and spin the cashmere for luxury, longevity and beauty. The cashmere is dyed before spinning, giving a vibrancy and depth to every colour, while the quality of the yarn ensures an exquisite finish and reduced pilling.

Sphere One has always been passionate about zero waste, and garments are made by hand and to order so yarns and garments are never stockpiled. When you invest in a Sphere One design you can feel confident that you are investing in the world’s finest yarns, expertly milled, spun and dyed, strictly to requirements and mindful of sustainability. We believe a Sphere One piece should be a keepsake, and given care at every point of it's journey, from maker to wearer, for the lifespan of the garment.