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Xylem Bouclé Snood

Bouclé Cashmere Silk

The key design of the Xylem Snood is it's construction. It is knit as a tube so there are no uncomfortable seams and it is super stretchy all over. It's name references the cylindrical capillary responsible for carrying water around a plant. The design strives for a shape that can be worn on the head and neck, but without the trims and seams that can make a Balaclava uncomfortable and unflattering. The result is a long tube that can be worn as an uber cosy neck warmer, or up over the head like a periscope. It is versatile to style anywhere in between, giving a slenderising teardrop shape tapered to a pointed chin.

Knit in an Italian cashmere silk bouclé yarn that has a rich, lustrous depth of colour and sheen, and a wonderful bounce to the touch. A lot of bouclé yarns use a synthetic binder thread but Cariaggi use silk, and the result is supremely plush, densely soft and warm. In addition, both openings are tubular knit, meaning no seams or itchy ribbing around the sensitive skin of the face.

  • Details & Fit
  • Measurements
  • 80% Cashmere, 20% Silk
    Provenance: Cariaggi, Italy

    Tube scarf
    No seams
    Tubular knit openings

    Hand wash carefully or dry clean

One size (38cm x 26cm)